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Gazakh city

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Gazakh district is situated on the west of Azerbaijan. Along the territory of the area, there were are flowing rivers like Kura, Chogaz, Agstafachay, and Kramchay. Temperature in January ranged between 0 C till – 5 C, in July – from 20 C till +30 C. From beneath of the mountain there is starting plain, being covered with alpine grasslands. That eylag Altuntakh is (Golden throne). Behind that one there is blue ravine Inja (gracious), cutting through mountain chain. At the rear of Inja’s ravine there is mountain Garagoyunlu getting rise over thereof. Alongside rivers there are outspreaded tugay woods.
From history of the area, it is known that in VIII century General Mervan ibn Muhammed founded settlement, which called “Kasal”. Among Arabian sources of that period, the Gasak-Gazak is known as huge inhabited point.
Gazakh district is wealthy by architectural monuments of antiquity like the temple in Yukhari Askipara (V-VIII centuries), temple Sheker-gala (XV century), round tower – in Kirikh Kesemen village of XVIII century, mosque – in Gazakh city, group of mausoleums – in Poly village of XIX century, bridges of Gatir, Gizil Hajili, Kazim (all – XV century), Girmizi korpu of Sinig korpu (XII century) on Khram river. Special admiration calls “Gizil Gaya” (Golden rock), being sparkled with the golden color in bright rays of the Sun. At its top spot in ancient times, it was stood the fortress Keroglu or Didivan (VI –VII centuries).
Among interesting places on the territory of the area we may highlight cavernous nearby Dashsalahli village being laid on Aveydag Mountain. Here archeological have had discovered camps of antique man, it was found out articles of labor and guns.
The district center, Gazakh city – ultimate huge town allocated on the western border of the Republic. Gazakh – homeland of talented azerbaijanian poets, scientists, artists, ashugs. On that land, there were born poets like Molla Panakh Vagif, Vidadi, Samed Vurgun, Hussein Mehti and many others. In Gazakh it was born illustrious general, participant of the defense of Port-Arthur, Aliaga Shikhlinski. For exclusive capabilities coevals had called him “God of artillery”.
In 1918 in Gazakh it was opened, being the first in the Republic, teaching seminary.
In Gazakh you may be allured with beautiful mosque, ancient but still operated bath houses. In the city, there are several parks to exist viz., palace of culture, and museum with the richest exposition. There exist horse plant, where horses with famous diliboz breeds are being ranched. The aforesaid breed of too much enduring horses had been ranched in Gazakh region.
Gazakh is one the centers of carpet farming. By that handicrafts traditionally up to now many inhabitants of the area still have been involving therein.
Through the all territory of Azerbaijan, there are known and being in honor the gazakh singers – ashugs. In village of Yukhari Salakhli, it still kept practically all kinds of rituals and customs having been bound with running of spring feast-day Novruz Bayramli. Guests of the said holiday are become witnesses of the fact when in the deepest ancient times it was celebrated the day of vernal equinox.Where to stay
City hotel. Tel. +994 279 2 19 60, +994 279 2 32 05 and hotel “Palid” tel. +994 279 2 46 34.Where to eat
Restaurant “Palid”, “Akasiya”, “Shahin”, “Gafgaz”, “Elite”, “Nergiz”, “Elsever”, “Aysel”, “Garabag”, “Chanlibel”. You can taste the traditional dishes of local cuisine: khingal, pilaw, choban bozartmasi.

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